Fading Places: Smithdown Road

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Friday morning I went to Smithdown Road to take some pictures of the remaining streets of boarded up terraced houses. There’s a lot of this going on in Liverpool at the moment, row after row of these great streets disappearing, some are giving way to new housing developments, the ‘sinister blandness of suburbia’ as Ballard would have seen it. I’m half expecting to discover that these projects are supported by a Tesco Housing Association or a McDonald’s Social Development Fund. As it is I have no idea why these streets have been demolished, just that they have and it’s sad to see them go.

The streets were eerily silent, a stones throw away from a main road but it was like time had stopped and this world was now sealed in a bubble. I walked passed a couple of workmen who were clearing the houses, any other street we wouldn’t have bothered with each other, but there was a look and a nod, a sort of shared melancholy.

Every now and then I’d hear a noise, various houses, like a chair scraping across the floor. Ghosts moving the furniture, packing up or moving to peer out of the boarded up windows I was trying to look through.

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