Disused Spaces: Drop The Dumbells

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On May 11th I’ll be taking part in a writer’s exhibition as part of The Wild Writer’s Imaginarium, this will be in DROP The Dumbells on Slater Street in Liverpool.

Today a few of us went to take a look around the venue; it’s a great space which is also used for gigs so it had a weird, vaguely after the party feel to it. It’s colder than a bedsit in the middle of a record breaking cold winter, the toilet’s up the steepest flight of stairs you’ve ever seen and the bar is a table and a fridge. This is my kind of space.

The pictures are of the top of the building, a lovely, dusty, winding staircase which leads to a threadbare room which is being used by some brave soul as a studio. Another room, sealed by a door you can’t open but can peer through, made me think of the video for Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart.

There’s something lovely about places like this, despite everything else it survives. It’s character is in the dirty window lights and carpets worn by hundreds of feet in search of a place to sit, just for a moment to gather a few thoughts or have a hushed conversation.

If you’re in the city on this day, come in and talk to us.

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