Ray + Julie on London Road



In October last year I responded to call out for ‘artists, writers and theatre practitioners’ to join Alan Dunn and Jeff Young in a collaborative experiment surrounding their long term project – Ray + Julie. This was to be a five day long workshop which formed part of the Everyman’s Everyword Festival. 10 artists and writers were gathered together to respond to the Ray and Julie chair installation on Liverpool’s London Road, we had five days to produce work and form it into an overall collaborative installation. The performance took place on Sunday 26 October 2014 and involved a soundscape, photography and film as well as two actors performing various extracts of the written work.

The overall installation was an amalgamation of the contributors various works, however, all the written pieces were recorded on the Saturday with the actors in the Everyman’s recording studio. For me this was a rare opportunity to hear a piece of my work and subsequently manipulate the recording into my individual response to the brief. I wanted to make a piece of sound from this because I’ve never had the chance to do this before with my own work. I’m very much a novice at this so please forgive the crassness of the recording/blending of the tracks – consider this a sound sketch. Whilst I’m not convinced that all elements of this work, it’s been interesting to do and see how my own writing can work as sound.

Below is a selection of photographs I took on the first day when we all met at the Ray and Julie Chairs on London Road.

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