The Road to Nowhere



Constructed in 2013, the Road to Nowhere was commissioned by Halton Borough Council (HBC) to provide access to a proposed Amazon warehouse. Planning for the Amazon warehouse was quashed when a judicial review ruled that HBC had granted permission too quickly, therefore not allowing sufficient time for consultation. The road cost £10m and was funded by two government grants – £5.4m from the Growing Places Fund and £4.5m from the Regional Growth Fund. £10m obviously well spent! The road ends in a field which once grew crops, it’s edged by houses and it’s within walking distance of a conservation area.

The Road to Nowhere is currently unused and technically unfinished. It’s a road symbolically leading to the dead end ideals of ignorant councillors. However, if there’s one positive it has to be the Ballardian twist it takes, a road tucked in a field almost hidden from the workings of everyday life, it goes nowhere, it’s end destination is a blocked access road and a waterlogged, muddy field within earshot of civilisation.

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