Cabaret Berlin – Exploring the entertainment of the Weimar era

This site is a great source of information for Weimar Berlin, its culture and its stars.

Pushing Ahead of the Dame – David Bowie – Song by Song

Inspiration comes from many different places and David Bowie has been a constant source. This is a great site which details the ideas, stories or theories behind each song. I keep coming back to the entry about Warszawa in particular.

Language Is A Virus Cut-Up Machine

This page makes it easy to play with William S. Burroughs Cut Up approach to writing. Whilst not always practical, it can be a very helpful tool allowing you to examine sentence structure and word play.

Oblique Strategies Card by Card

Looking to change direction, then try one of Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategy cards to help you shift focus.

Strange Flowers An alternative who’s who of the last 200 years

This is a wonderful site if, like me you’re interested in life’s eccentrics, the decadents of fringe societies who have become undeservingly obscure footnotes in history.

Reality Studio – A William S. Burroughs Community

Fantastic site with lots of information on Burroughs, access to interviews, writing and archives.

Ballardian – Exploring the work of J.G. Ballard

Lots of interviews, views and essays surrounding Ballard’s work.