Reviews, Essays and Things


You Were Never Really Here

Review of the Lynne Ramsay film starring Joaquin Phoenix

Foreshadowing and Religion in Prometheus and Alien: Covenant

A look at how religion is used in the Alien prequel films and trailers to foreshadow story

Das Cabinet Des Dr. Caligari

Review of the classic Expressionist horror film

The Hands of Orlac

Review of the 1924 silent film starring Conrad Veidt

Der Januskopf

Synopsis of the lost Murnau film starring Conrad Veidt

Waiting Room (1)

Review of Jarik Jongman’s painting – Waiting Room (1) which appeared in the 2012 John Moores Painting Prize

Walking With Isherwood

Review of the Christopher Isherwood walking tour of Berlin

The Man Who Laughs

Review of the classic Expressionist film

Anders Als Die Andern

Review of the 1919 film, renowned for being one of the first to depict homosexuality

Jon Brooks ’52’

Review of the album released by Clay Pipe Music


Review of Lewis Bray’s one man play

Berlin Art Tourism

Review of the Diane Arbus exhibition at the Martin Gropius Bau, the Brucke Museum and the Berlinishe Galerie



Sipping Champagne and Smoking Cigarettes

A ramble about the moment Christopher Isherwood met Conrad Veidt

Sebastian Droste

Short biography of one of the Weimar’s best loved eccentrics



The Road to Nowhere

Photographs and background to Halton Borough Council’s road to nowhere

The Wicked and the Naked

Poem by Sebastian Droste


Extract from the Tartuffe script

Disused Spaces: Drop the Dumbells

Photographs of the top floor of Drop the Dumbells on Slater Street, Liverpool

Fading Places: Smithdown Road

Photographs of the Webster Triangle area of Wavertree before the houses were sold for £1

Perfectly Reasonable Behaviour

Ramble about a baffling award ceremony for the John Moore’s Art Critics Prize


Postmortem on putting together edition 001 of Stuplex

Postmortem – Stuplex 002 & 003

Postmortem of putting together editions 002 and 003 of Stuplex