Writing & Essays


The Plight of the Syrian Refugee

Short piece of prose poetry centred around the ‘refugee crisis’

We Are Rosa Parks

Short story based around the famous Montgomery bus confrontation.

If You Can See Me

A cold December day on Liverpool’s Bold Street and shared moment between a gypsy busker and a woman drinking coffee.

The Eichmann Box

‘Merz Writing’ experiment combining a photograph of Adolf Eichmann with Francis Bacon’s love of painting boxes.

The In-Between

Set in a cafe in Berlin, this a story about displacement, disengagement and a city undergoing constant change.

Point of Collapse

This was a ‘Merz Writing’ experiment based around 09-15-00 by Godspeed You Black Emperor

The Dream Writer

Part of a ‘Merz Writing’ experiment, The Dream Writer is part fiction and part memoir about the things that influence a writer’s work.

Killing Time

The Joker, once again incarcerated in Arkham Asylum has a ‘chat’ with Batman. (Killing Time is set shortly after the events in A Death in the Family by Jim Starlin.)

Reviews and Essays

Das Cabinet Des Dr. Caligari

Review of the classic Expressionist horror film

The Hands of Orlac

Review of the 1924 silent film starring Conrad Veidt

Der Januskopf

Synopsis of the lost Murnau film starring Conrad Veidt

Waiting Room (1)

Review of Jarik Jongman’s painting – Waiting Room (1) which appeared in the 2012 John Moores Painting Prize

Walking With Isherwood

Review of the Christopher Isherwood walking tour of Berlin

The Man Who Laughs

Review of the classic Expressionist film

Anders Als Die Andern

Review of the 1919 film, renowned for being one of the first to depict homosexuality

T. E. Lawrence

Small piece of research into the masochism of T. E. Lawrence

Sebastian Droste

Short biography of one of the Weimar’s best loved eccentrics